Batman Returns Deluxe Art 1:10 Statue

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Batman Returns Batman Deluxe Art 1:10 Scale Statue

Product Description

A concrete totem-shaped base, surrounded by gargoyles shaped like Chimeras, serves as a platform for one of Gotham's most striking symbols, the Bat-signal, which is a powerful spotlight used by law enforcement officers led by the admirable Commissioner Jim Gordon. The Bat sign is used to summon Gotham City's most dedicated defender. With his symbol reflected in the skies, the Dark Knight answers the call and scales the artifact, hidden by the shadows of his dense black cape that surrounds his body, like the great wings of a bat, symbol of his identity and cause.

In the sequel of the movie Batman (1989), actor Michael Keaton, in the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman, once again re-emerges as the city's protective agent, acting alongside the police force in fighting crime. The challenge of this crusade becomes even greater with the appearance of the Red Triangle Circus Gang led by the fearsome Penguin (Danny DeVito), a villain who, abandoned by his aristocratic parents due to his congenital deformities, returns seeking revenge. Events are further complicated by the enigmatic Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer), the feline villain who has a romantic and troubled relationship with the hero. Both villains are manipulated by the corrupt tycoon Max Shreck (Christopher Walken) and his illicit schemes for greed and power.

Product Features

  • 13.30 inches (33.78cm)
  • Made of polystone
  • Based on the Batman Returns movie
  • Highly detailed
  • Hand painted

Box Contents

  • Batman statue