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DC Multiverse Batman Speeding Bullets 7-Inch Action Figure

Gotham's own Dark Knight with Kryptonian origins! This DC Multiverse Batman Superman: Speeding Bullets 7-Inch Scale Action Figure features ultra articulation with up to 22 moving parts for posing and play. Batman is showcased in his costume from the 1993 Superman: Speeding Bullets one-shot comic book. Batman comes with 2x alternate hands and a flight stand. Also included is a collectible art card with figure photography on the front, and a character biography on the back.

On an alternate Earth in the DC Multiverse, Thomas and Martha Wayne discover a crashed rocket with an alien baby inside, and raise him as their son, Bruce. Years later, on one fatal night, the Wayne family are walking through an alley when a lone criminal stops them. Bruce watches as his parents are gunned down, but the vicious attack activates Bruce's Kryptonian powers, causing him to lose control and burn the criminal with his heat vision. For years after his parents' deaths, Bruce chose to hide away in Wayne Manor, hating violence, until a group of robbers invades his home, prompting him to face the world with a new identity—the Batman.