Mossquatch! With Hazard Squad Adventure Pack

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Tucked away in the depths of the great forested lowlands of Moss Valley, a terrible and fuzzy monstrosity lurks in the shadows…beware the Mossquatch!

After multiple reports of strange disappearances, the Hazard Squad finds themselves following the tracks of a botanical, bipedal beast deep into misty basin of Moss Valley. Can Gomez and team capture the grotesque, spore covered gargantuan?... only you can decide!

The included Hazard Squad Adventure Pack contains a tranquilizer rifle with extra ammo, a capture net, and a length of rope. All equipment can be stored on the included crossbody sling that can be worn by Hazard Commander Gomez.


  • Over 25 points of articulation
  • Approximately 18cm tall
  • One (1) tranquilizer rifle with two (2) magazines
  • One (1) capture net
  • One (1) rope
  • One (1) crossbody equipment sling with rifle holster