Star Wars Bespin 24 oz. Tikis Mug

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Drink a toast to scum and villainy! This creative and colorful Star Wars Bespin 24 oz. Scenic Geeki Tikis Mug features a wraparound scenic design bursting with iconic characters and imagery from Bespin, a most-beloved Star Wars destination. From Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back, you'll spot an array of ships and iconic elements, thanks to the 360-degree storytelling. Don't miss Cloud City, Boba Fett with Han in Carbonite, Slave I, the Millennium Falcon, an X-Wing, and more! Complete with Star Wars iconography and Aurebesh lettering, it also incorporates style elements seen in traditional Tiki culture, making this no ordinary drinkware. This high-quality, durable, stoneware-ceramic, 8-inch tall mug is a limited edition of only 1,500 pieces, so order now so you don't miss out. Experience aloha with every sip! Full-color, closed-box packaging. Hand wash only.